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Signadot CLI Architecture


The Signadot CLI is one of the components of the Signadot Platform. To see a high-level view of all components, visit the architecture page.

The Signadot CLI has 2 primary functions: acting as a REST client to the Signadot Control Plane and supporting Sandboxes containing local services via networking, DNS, and coordination with the Signadot Operator.

Signadot Control Plane Client

The Signadot Control Plane client provides support for manipulating REST entities such as Sandboxes, Clusters, RouteGroups, and ResourcePlugins.

Support for Sandboxes Containing Local Services

The Signadot CLI supports development of in-cluster workloads on the local, out-of-cluster machine. This support includes

  • Exporting in-cluster service DNS to the local machine 1.
  • Configuring networking to direct requests from the local machine to the cluster 1.
  • Managing the lifecycle of tunnels for accepting requests directed to the local machine.

The above functionality requires connecting directly to a given Signadot-enabled cluster. As such, the Signadot CLI manages this connection, by default via port-forward.


The Signadot CLI is fully documented here.

  1. Requires root access via sudo.