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In the microservices context, every change is done incrementally, with each microservice being developed separately. However, with large numbers of microservices, it becomes difficult to get quick high-quality feedback on the overall functioning of the application as individual components are changed.

A Sandbox is a logical abstraction that comprises workloads and some ephemeral resources. The workloads typically represent microservices that are being developed or tested.

Sandboxes enable lightweight and highly scalable environments that can be used to test every change in the context of the entire stack of microservices. The workload within our sandbox can run either in your cloud environment or locally. The sandboxed workloads and resources are combined dynamically with the baseline environment to provide an isolated environment for testing code changes. Isolation between these sandboxes is accomplished using request routing and context propagation.

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For more details on how sandboxes are used check out integration testing with sandboxes. To set up a local workload for your sandbox, see our guide on local workloads for sandboxes