Easy Developer Testing for Microservices

Create Sandboxes in Kubernetes and run API and E2E automation tests for every Pull Request.

/ integrate with ci pipelines

Incorporate Signadot into your Continuous Integration pipelines to automatically create a Sandbox for each Pull Request. This allows you to run a comprehensive suite of tests before merging code. Because Sandboxes only spin up changed services and their dependencies, you save both time and computational resources.

developer coding for microservice testing
developer typing lines of code

/ automate pre-merge testing

Before merging any code changes, automatically test them in an isolated Sandbox environment that contains only the affected microservices. This eliminates the risk of breaking your main codebase and provides a more secure avenue for code validation.

/ run API tests with flexible tools

Utilize the Preview URL of each Sandbox to run your API tests using tools like Postman, Cucumber, or k6. This direct approach ensures that you catch and fix regressions quickly and efficiently before code is merged to the main branch.

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developers collaborating on a project

/ run E2E tests early

Use E2E testing tools like Selenium and Cypress to run tests via the Preview URL that targets your Web or Frontend API. With the capability to target multiple Sandboxes, you can validate end-to-end feature functionality across multiple microservices simultaneously. This speeds up your development cycle and enables isolated testing of features.

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