Experience 10x faster iterations during kubernetes local development

Preview code changes from Web or Mobile frontends during local development without running all services locally. Dynamically route traffic to local workstations to test end-to-end user flows.

/ preview code changes end-to-end

Preview and test your code changes to any microservices locally, no matter where in the stack. Use the dynamic routing capabilities of Sandboxes to route traffic to local workstation.

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male and female coders working on a computer

/ test Service APIs without mocks

Test your Service locally using APIs without worrying about creating and maintaining mocks of dependent services. Access all remote services, databases and other dependencies as though your workstation is within the remote Kubernetes cluster.

/ collaborate across microservices

Link Sandboxes using RouteGroups and collaborate on features that touch multiple services while they are being actively developed. Test and integrate with new APIs being developed by other teams in near real time and avoid slow sequential processes.

programmers sitting at a desk
male and female coders working on a computer

/ scale local testing

Leverage a shared staging Kubernetes cluster safely and enable developers to scale local testing without worrying about runaway costs. No need to spin up remote namespaces for every developer.

/ ensure valid testing

Receive fast and valid feedback by testing code changes against latest dependencies ensuring accurate and dependable testing throughout the development lifecycle.

programmers sitting at a desk

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Explore efficient and reliable microservices development with our free tier, offering isolated, high-fidelity Sandboxes to streamline your development and testing processes.