Development Platform for Microservices

Scale developer productivity even as microservices grow in number and complexity

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Fast Iterative Development

Don't wait till your changes get to staging or production. See the entire stack from the frontend down to the database with every change you make.

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Rapid Experimentation

Experiment with multiple service versions without the overhead of dealing with infrastructure. Iterate and ship changes rapidly to your users.

Optimized Environments

We use smart multi-tenancy to spin up inexpensive end-to-end environments quickly.

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Arjun Iyer


Bootstrapped the BusinessIQ team and product from 0 to $100M revenue at AppDynamics. 20+ years of experience leading large engineering teams. Passionate about distributed systems and software architecture. Enjoys spending time with his wife & kids and dabbles in tennis.

Anirudh Ramanathan


Helped build & launch an analytics database based on RocksDB at Rockset. Previously was Software Engineer on Kubernetes at Google. Worked on Kubernetes controllers, bootstrapped SIGs and made Kubernetes ready for stateful and data processing workloads. Keto diet enthusiast.

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