Scale Previews and Automated Tests for every Pull Request

Enable multi-tenancy in your existing Kubernetes clusters and scale integration and end-to-end testing without duplicating environments.
Signadot is a Kubernetes-native platform to enable early and high fidelity previews and testing of your code changes. Platform teams integrate Signadot with CI pipelines for every Pull Request and empower developers with increased confidence to merge code. This shift left testing at scale is enabled by lightweight environments, called Sandboxes, that use minimal resources and spin up in seconds.

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Santosh Praneeth Banda
Software Engineer at DoorDash

Before Signadot, previewing features took 30 to 40 minutes, creating a significant bottleneck in our development. Now, that time is under two minutes—a 15x productivity boost. Signadot is now essential to our streamlined process, saving hundreds of engineering hours, enabling more testing iterations, and elevating code quality.

Mahesh Uligade
Technical Lead at ShareChat

Signadot has streamlined our deployment processes, enabling efficient testing and reducing effort in maintaining pull requests, ensuring stable, bug-free Android features and seamless team collaboration.

Venkat Karun
Distinguished Engineer and Sócio at Neon

With Neon's rapid growth, maintaining key DORA metrics and production SLO became a challenge. Signadot's Sandboxes solution transformed our CI/CD pipelines, reducing costs and enabling effective testing. Their plugins helped us manage complex dependencies and partners without staging environments. Now, we can confidently make risky changes, fostering a culture of performance-oriented engineering.

Buchi Reddy
CEO at Levo

I want staging to be in a state where I'm able to push to production any day I want. The quality should be as good as prod so that I don't have to do more work after merging. This is exactly what Signadot allows us to do today.  We're now running tests before merging, which means cleaner code and  fewer rollbacks.

Devarshi Khanna
Backend Developer at ShareChat

Without Signadot, developers were experiencing frequent rollbacks of code due to issues discovered late in the staging environment. Now, the developers have much more confidence in what they are deploying, resulting in fewer breaks on production.

Amit Gud
Software Engineer at DoorDash

Our vision when we started talking to Signadot was that we wanted to have the same stack for testing and production. Signadot has allowed us to do just that, bringing down the lead time for our developers to test changes from 30 minutes to literally 60 seconds.

How it works

Integrate Signadot into your CI pipeline and create Sandboxes that run branch version of microservices in your staging cluster. Preview the change from Mobile and Web frontends and run automated End-to-End and Integration tests that catch regressions before you merge. The Sandboxes are deleted automatically when PRs are merged.

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DoorDash's Leap in Developer Productivity with Signadot

Discover how DoorDash utilized Signadot to supercharge their development workflow, transforming testing from a time-consuming bottleneck into an efficient, cost-effective solution. Developers at DoorDash now safely test changes in the production environment before merging code.

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Boost Developer Productivity

Empower developers to Preview and Test every code change early before merging. Achieve 10x faster feedback cycles by discovering and fixing integration issues before they impact others. Boost overall developer productivity by 20% or more and increase bandwidth to work on new features.

Scale Testing without runaway Infrastructure Costs

Lightweight Sandboxes offer significant cost reductions, typically ranging from 10 to 100 times less than traditional methods of duplicating test environments. Sandboxes efficiently utilize a current staging cluster to satisfy dependencies.

Collaborate across QE, Product and UX Teams

Provide early previews of your work to code reviewers, product managers, QE teams, and other key stakeholders for swift iteration on new product features. Accelerate your release cadence to ship code to production on a weekly or even daily basis.

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Preview the impact of every code change, no matter where in the stack

Mobile and Web Previews

End-to-End/Integration Testing

Scale automated tests for every Pull Request and catch regressions early

Acceptance Testing

Get early feedback on features from Product Managers and QE teams and ship faster
Mobile and Web Previews

Preview the impact of every code change, no matter where in the stack, from Mobile and Web frontends

Automate API Testing

Scale API Tests for every Pull Request and prevent regressions early

Feature Collaboration

Get early feedback on feature work from Product Managers and QE teams and ship faster


What problem does Signadot address?

When you have many microservices, Signadot makes it easier, faster and cheaper to preview and test code changes early in the development lifecycle.

How does Signadot integrate with my existing developer workflow?

You integrate Signadot within your local testing and Pull Request CI workflows. In both cases, you preview the impact of code changes to your microservices from Mobile and Web frontends. In the Pull Request phase, you enable automated API and E2E tests.

What are Sandboxes? Where are they created?

Sandboxes are an logical encapsulation of Services and resources "under-test" that are managed by Signadot in customers' Kubernetes clusters.

What API testing tools can I use with Signadot?

You can use any of your favorite testing tools such as Postman, Cypress, Selenium and others to run API and End-to-End tests powered by Sandboxes.

How do I deal with runtime dependencies for Service API tests?

The "under-test" versions of services run in your Kubernetes cluster where all the dependencies are live. You don't need to worry about mocking dependencies.

What are some other systems like Signadot?

Solutions like Uber’s SLATE and Lyft’s Staging Overrides are similar to Signadot.

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