Leveraging Service Mesh for Cost-Efficient Developer Environments

Scale developer environments cost effectively by leveraging a Service Mesh to provide isolation via dynamic request routing.

/ cost effective environments

Implement a new approach to developer environments where you can selectively isolate components while sharing the rest. This tunable isolation model is particularly cost-efficient at scale, even when accommodating hundreds of developers and microservices.

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/ leverage dynamic request routing

By using a service mesh like Istio or Linkerd, dynamically route requests to interact with both isolated and shared components. This streamlined routing process makes it possible to isolate request flows through your system.

/ integrate with istio

Natively integrate with Istio Virtual Services to enable dynamic request routing. Leverage your investment in Istio to enable this new approach to developer environments that's cost effective.

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/ leverage opentelemetry

Leverage OpenTelemetry to propagate request context between services. We support OpenTelemetry baggage standards out-of-the-box, so you can immediately benefit from standardized context propagation without additional configurations.

/ share Kubernetes clusters safely

The dynamic request routing allows for a shared yet uncompromised infrastructure. This means you can enjoy the efficiency of a shared environment while still maintaining the isolated conditions necessary for secure and accurate testing.

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