Previews and API Tests for every Pull Request

Enable Previews from Mobile and Web frontends and write API tests that run in your staging Kubernetes cluster with live dependencies.

/ How it Works

Signadot manages branch versions of microservices in your staging Kubernetes cluster using an encapsulation called a Sandbox and wires it up to upstream and downstream dependencies. You get convenient Preview URLs to validate your code changes from either a Mobile/Web frontend or Service API.

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/ Enable Mobile and Web Previews

Preview and validate code changes, no matter where in your stack, from Mobile and Web frontends. Ensure critical users flows are not regressed and get confidence to merge. Share frontend Previews with QA and Product Managers to get early feedback and iterate 10x faster.

/ Scale API Testing

Write API tests for your Microservices without having to worry about environment setup. Use your testing tool of choice like Postman, Cypress, K6 and others. Scale adoption of API Testing across Engineering by integrating Signadot within your CI pipelines.

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male and female coders working on a computer

/ Shift left Testing

Enable majority of validation and testing before merging code when it's 10x cheaper and faster to discover and fix issues. By using Sandboxes, you can test in isolation without impacting other developers.

/ Seamlessly integrate with your Pull Request workflow

Integrate Signadot effortlessly with popular CI/CD pipelines, ensuring that API testing is a seamless part of your development process. Foster a culture of continuous testing, enhancing the overall software quality.

programmers sitting at a desk
male and female coders working on a computer

/ Collaborate on Feature Previews

Enable Previews of features that span multiple Microservices and Pull Requests by linking Sandboxes. Share feature Previews to stakeholders for acceptance testing and scale parallel feature development.

/ take signadot for a whirl

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