Levo Saves 90% of Time on Integration Tests, Improves Developer Efficiency with Signadot

The Challenge

Levo was running tests on a shared staging environment for their microservices, but it was not sufficient to maintain in their high quality software stack. They were finding bugs and issues after merging, requiring rollbacks and wasting time to remediate the problems. Because their staging was shared, troubleshooting  these bugs made development painfully slow.

Knowing the investment and learning curve required for their team to build such a system in-house, Levo needed a turnkey solution that could easily integrate into their existing stack.

The Solution

Signadot’s simple integration and cost effectiveness ultimately drove Levo to purchase Signadot.

Levo was able to integrate Signadot and have everything  up and running in a few days. Levo integrated Signadot into their CI pipelines to spin up a Sandbox environment for pull requests. They run automated end-to-end tests using Python and manually verify behavior via the Web UI. After implementation, Levo was able to build additional tooling on top of Signadot to increase developer productivity. They added debugging system, which allowed developers to find issues and debug directly in the Signadot environment.

“I want staging to be in a state where I’m able to push to production any day I want. The quality should be as good as prod so that I don’t have to do more work after merging. This is exactly what Signadot allows us to do today.  We’re now running tests before merging, which means cleaner code and  fewer rollbacks.”
-Buchi Reddy, CEO, Levo

The Results

By adding Signadot to their deployment and review pipeline, Levo is able to spin up a Sandbox for every pull request and test end-to-end  earlier in the developer lifecycle. Developers can now self identify issues, debug them immediately,  and fix them before merging code.

Automated integration testing with Signadot allows Levo’s developer team to automate integration testing before merging code, without impacting other devs. This has given the team quality code with fewer rollbacks and 90% time saving for integration testing.

To read or download the entire Levo case study, click here.

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