ShareChat Chooses Signadot, Giving Devs High Quality Testing Feedback Enabling Faster Time-to-market

The Challenge

ShareChat is an Indian social media startup that caters to over 1 billion wireless network users. It offers a content consumption and sharing platform in 15 vernacular Indian languages.

ShareChat has an engineering team of more than 300 members and manages over 100 microservices running on Kubernetes. They needed a way to test every feature independently before merging to production. They wanted a separate environment similar to staging to integration test their microservices and ensure that API contracts weren't broken.

Knowing the cost and development effort required to build a testing solution in-house, ShareChat was looking for a turnkey solution that could easily integrate into their existing architecture.

The Solution

Signadotʼs approach to ephemeral environments ultimately drove ShareChat to purchase Signadot as it allowed them to automate integration testing in their staging environment for 100+ microservices. They also didnʼt have to worry about runaway infrastructure costs or operational burden.

ShareChat integrated Signadot into their CI tool to automate integration testing for every PR. Developers were also able to write integration tests using their framework of choice running on Sandbox Environments.

“Signadot helps ShareChat to set up an extremely efficient rollout of an end-to-end integration test environment and allows developers to test for backward compatibility without having to worry about maintaining various versions of their services.”
Harshal Vora, Sr. Engineering Manager, ShareChat

The Results

By adding Signadot to their deployment and review pipeline, ShareChat is able to spin up a Sandbox for every PR for developers to test their features independently. Developers are now able to self identify errors and fix them before deploying to production.

Automated integration testing with Signadot has led to more frequent deployments while minimizing rollbacks and decreasing issues in production.

To read or download the entire ShareChat case study, click here.

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