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Operator Version Policy

Signadot Operator consists of all the in-cluster components that allow you to connect your Kubernetes clusters to Signadot. It's important to keep the Operator in your clusters up-to-date to ensure continued compatibility with the Signadot API and Dashboard, and to benefit from new features and bug fixes.

This version policy describes how we approach Operator versioning so you can anticipate when you will need to upgrade your clusters by running helm upgrade on each one.

Release Frequency

A new version of Signadot Operator is typically released a few times every month. Most of these releases are patch releases (only incrementing the Z in vX.Y.Z), which are optional. Although it is recommended to run the latest patch version, you don't necessarily need to upgrade to each patch version to maintain compatibility.

A larger update of the Operator is released every 1 or 2 months that includes signficant new features. These minor releases (incrementing the Y in vX.Y.Z) of the Operator are often required to use the latest features of the Signadot API and Dashboard.


You can expect existing features to work if running any Operator version from the latest minor release series (vX.Y.*).

Older Operator versions that differ by one minor release version (vX.(Y-1).*) will be supported, but versions older than that will not be guaranteed to work.

For example, if the latest Operator is v0.7.6, then versions v0.7.* or v0.6.* will be supported. However, when Operator v0.8 is released, versions v0.6.* or older will no longer be supported.