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Single Sign-On (SSO)


SSO is only available in the Enterprise plan. To enable it for your organization, please contact us via Slack or at

Once SSO is enabled for your organization, you can configure your SSO provider from Users > Manage SSO Configuration on the Signadot Dashboard by following the instructions. Once enabled, note that users in your organization will lose the ability to authenticate using email and password configured directly with Signadot. However, social logins (Google, GitHub) will continue to work.

There are two additional settings available under SSO:

  • Auto Provision Users - This setting ensures that users are automatically created in Signadot when they log in via SSO.
  • Enforce SSO - This setting ensures that all authentication to Signadot is done via your SSO provider, and disables all other login methods except SSO.

After SSO is configured, users who aren't logged in will be redirected to your SSO provider's login page when they provide their email address.

Note: IdP-initiated authentication flows are not supported. All logins must start at which will then redirect to your SSO authentication provider.