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Why are my requests reaching the baseline version of the microservice and not my sandboxed version?

In-cluster routing is not set up correctly

The most common cause of this issue is that your in-cluster routing setup is not set up correctly. When the request traverses your microservices-based application, it relies on in-cluster routing provided either by Signadot's sidecars or by using a service mesh like Istio to target a sandboxed service. To understand what Preview URLs do under the hood, see Preview Endpoint Targets.

Lack of context propagation via microservice

If you have verified that the Signadot sidecar (or the service mesh sidecar) already exists and is correctly configured, another potential cause of this issue may be the lack of context propagation through your application. This context propagation is commonly implemented using OpenTelemetry and involves passing headers received on the incoming end of the request to the outgoing request made to a subsequent microservice.