Ephemeral Environments in Kubernetes
/ signadot architecture

Signadot consists of a Kubernetes operator installed in your Kubernetes clusters that talk securely to Signadot's control plane.

You use the Signadot API to create Sandbox environments on the fly that are customized for specific testing scenarios.

Run tests using unique Sandbox URLs hosted by Signadot that proxy requests to services within Sandboxes.

/ use cases

Integration Testing

Integration test any service in a Kubernetes cluster with the latest versions of dependent services

End-to-End Testing

Test the impact of a change anywhere in your stack on end-to-end flows

Performance Testing

Discover performance and other non-functional regressions before merging

Preview Environments

Share early previews of new features with product managers, quality engineers and user experience teams

/ signadot sandboxes

Sandboxes are created within an existing Kubernetes cluster that has the latest version of the application running.

You specify services and resources to fork in a Sandbox based on the testing scenario.

Signadot ensures isolation between Sandboxes at the request level.

/ features
Runs in your infrastructure

Install the Signadot Operator in your Kubernetes cluster running on any cloud or on your infrastructure. All workloads deployed for Sandbox testing run securely in your infrastructure.

Sandbox resources

Spin up stateful services such as databases and others as ephemeral resources tied to the lifecycle of Sandboxes. Use the isolation provided by sandboxes to get data isolation needed by tests.

Developer friendly SDKs

Manage Sandboxes using SDKs that abstract away infrastructure concerns and provide a higher-level interface. Customize Sandboxes with deployments, environment variables and resources. Share test setup as code across teams and enable greater control over testing.

Service mesh integration

Signadot can optionally integrate with popular Service Meshes like Istio and Linkerd to enable dynamic routing of requests to specific versions of Services within Sandboxes. Use Service Mesh integration, or our built-in sidecar container, to enable End-to-End testing and Previews.

Enterprise-grade security

Signadot is SOC2 Type 2 certified and follows best practices around privacy and security. All data at rest is encrypted and TLS used for all network communication.

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