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Sandbox Time to Live


Signadot Sandboxes can be configured for automatic deletion using the ttl field of a sandbox specifiction:

name: example-ttl
cluster: staging
duration: 2h
offsetFrom: createdAt # Supported values: `createdAt` (default), `updatedAt`
# ...

The field is optional, and in the absence of a ttl value the sandbox will continue to exist until explicitly deleted. In the presence of the field, when more than ttl.duration time has passed since the sandbox was created, the sandbox lifetime is considered to be expired and the sandbox is deleted.

The full syntax and structure is described in the sandbox specification.


As sandbox deletion requires synchronization with the cluster in which the sandbox resides, the delete operation can take up to a few minutes to complete. As a result, there can be a small amount of drift between the lifetime time limit and the effective completion of the delete operation.

TTL was introduced in version v0.3.3 of the cli and sdks. Using earlier versions of these tools can drop the ttl field from the spec.