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Sandbox Labels


Signadot Sandboxes provide a mechanism to attach key-value labels to sandboxes. For example, a sandbox spec may look like this:

name: example-labels
team: frontend
owner: Jane
cluster: staging
# ...

The labels form a dictionary of string labels with string values. With a consistent labeling scheme in place, one can then use the analytics dashboard page to explore the usage of signadot sandboxes over time.


A full yaml Sandbox spec is available here.

Labels Syntax

Labels are a dictionary mapping strings to strings. The keys are called label keys and the values are called label values.

A label key must not exceed 255 bytes in length and must contain atleast 1 character. Additionally, it must contain only the characters

A-Z // upercase alphabetic
a-z // lowercase alphabetic
0-9 // numeric
- // dash
_ // underscore

Use Cases

Labels can be used to aid in integrations which coordinate development infrastructure. For example, one could use labels to set the Jira issue associated with a PR and subsequently test sandboxes associated with that Jira issue using their endpoints.

Labels can also be used to track usage of Signadot Sandboxes within an organization. For example, teams and developers may standardize label values, or labels may be used to name features.

On the Signadot Dashboard, the analytics page provides an interface for exploring sandbox usage by labels over time.